We hope to answer most of your questions here. If you cannot find the answers you are looking for, please use the contact form at the bottom of the page to ask us a question.

1)  How quickly can an inspection be arranged?

    • While we will do our best to accommodate you even on very short notice, we can more easily fit an inspection into our schedule and yours if we receive your request at least one week before the inspection is required.

2)  How long does a home inspection usually last?

    • A typical home inspection lasts anywhere from 2.5 to 4 hours. Factors such as the size of the house, a large number of deficiencies and even the weather can affect the length of the inspection.

3)  Is the client required to attend the inspection?

    • It is highly recommended that the client is present for the inspection. This allows the inspector to better point out all of the important items.

4)  Will the inspector only point out the problem areas?

    • While the problem areas are our chief concern, we point out the good and satisfactory things as well. It is our goal to explain the home to you. We want to make sure you know where the important shut-offs, accesses, etc. are located in the house.

5)  When will I receive the home inspection report?

    • Typically, the report will be ready the next day and will be sent to you by email in pdf form.  For inspections done on a Saturday, the report will be ready the following Monday. If this method of delivery does not work well for you, we will happily arrange another method of delivery.
    • Some inspectors advertise that the report will be printed out on site. We feel we can offer you the most comprehensive report possible if we take all the information and photos back to the office and take the time to make sure nothing is left out. This also means we are not spending valuable inspection time formatting a report when we should be focusing on the inspection at hand and spending that time explaining everything in detail to you, the client.  

6)  When and how do I pay for my home inspection?

    • We accept e-transfer, cheque and cash.  Payment is due at the time of inspection.  Your home inspection report will be sent to you after we have received payment.