Inspection Rates

The price of a service is almost always a major factor in anyone’s decision to hire a service provider.  That is why we offer inspection rates that are competitive for the Muskoka area.  However, as with any service, a customer should always do their homework to find out if they will be getting the BEST service possible for a given rate.

Take the time to look at each home inspector’s credentials and experience, not just as a home inspector, but in areas that will provide additional and very beneficial knowledge.  As the Deputy Chief Building Official for the Township of Lake of Bays, I have a thorough, working knowledge of the Ontario Building Code and years of experience performing inspections on dwellings, boathouses, plumbing, septic systems and much more.  During that time, I have completed many in-depth courses on the building code, building systems and everything related to that.  Before I was a building official, I worked for 10 years as a carpenter building custom homes and additions and doing renovations.  Not only did I do the work, I completed a college carpentry program to gain a full understanding of the building process.  I have also done a fair amount of plumbing and electrical work, including plumbing and wiring entire houses.  All of this training and experience has given me the opportunity to provide my clients with the very best, most thorough inspection they can get.  (more on my credentials and experience)

How far will your inspector go to see everything that should be seen?  You may be surprised to learn that many inspectors do not actually get up onto the roof or climb into the attic or squeeze into the crawlspace.  These are very important parts of the home that should be inspected thoroughly.  Wherever possible, I will climb onto the roof and walk around it, I will climb right up into the attic to get a closer look, and I will get into that dirty crawlspace to look around.  My clients hire me to tell them as much about a home as possible and that is exactly what I do!

expect clients to call around when looking for a home inspector, but it’s not just prices you should be inquiring about.  You may even find a price that’s a little bit lower.  Then it is up to you to decide if the lowest price is really the best deal.

Inspection Price List

Home Inspections for Buyers and Sellers
Single Family Homes and Cottages
    with one Garage or Outbuilding
under 2000 sq ft$400
2000 to 2500 sq ft$450
2500 to 3000 sq ft$500
over 3000 sq ftcontact for price
Multi Family DwellingsDuplex, Triplex, for price
Septic System Inspections
With Home Inspection$100 to $150
Septic Inspection only$150 to $200
Septic System Inspection - enhanced, for municipal re-inspection programs$250 to $400
WETT Inspections (Wood-burning appliances/units)
With Home Inspectionper unit$100 to $150
WETT Inspection onlyper unit$150 to $200

Please note….

  • I am unable to perform inspection services within the Township of Lake of Bays.  As Deputy Chief Building Official for that township, it may be a conflict of interest to perform home inspections there.  However, I would be happy to answer any questions you may have or try to provide you with any information you need.  I apologize for any inconvenience.
  • Because of my position as Deputy CBO, availabilities for home inspections are limited.  However, I will do my best to accommodate you!