New Home Warranty Inspections (Tarion)

Most newly constructed homes in Ontario are covered by the Ontario New Home Warranty program. This program is administered by Tarion. However, it is up to you, the new home buyer, to find and report any deficiencies in your new home. A professional home inspector knows what to look for at each stage of the warranty process, saving you time and money.

Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI)

Before you take ownership of your new home, your builder must walk through the house with you in an inspection intended to document any incomplete, damaged, missing or non-functioning items. The builder should also explain and demonstrate your new home’s systems. An independent home inspector may notice or uncover deficiences not noted by the builder or by you. It is important to note any such issues before you move in so they may be corrected as soon as possible and so that there is no question the issue existed before you moved in. This may be difficult to prove once you have been living in the house.

We can help you ensure that all deficiencies are noted so they may be dealt with properly by Tarion and your builder. There is a long list of items to be evaluated during this inspection. This list can be found on Tarion’s website. While assessing the cosmetic condition or the basic functionality of many items might seem simple, many of the other items on the list are much more complicated.

First Year

The One Year Warranty period covers defects in workmanship and materials. It also protects against unauthorized substitutions and Ontario Building Code violations. During your first year in your new home, you have two opportunities to file a warranty claim:

Within your first 30 days of possession, you may submit a 30-Day Form. In this form, you should list all unresolved warranty issues from your Pre-Delivery Inspection as well as any new issues that have come up. It is important to make sure you have noted all issues as Tarion will only except one claim form submission during this period.

Within the last 30 days of your first year of possession, you may submit a Year-End Form. You should include any issues that are still unresolved as well as any new issues. Once again, it is very important to make sure you have included all One Year Warranty issues as Tarion will only except one claim form submission during this period. Since your coverage on many things in your new home expires at the end of the first year, this is your last chance to submit claims on those items. Don’t risk missing something and realizing too late that it is no longer under warranty. Instead, have Cottage Country Home Inspections perform a thorough inspection of your home.

Second Year

There are many defects and certain building code violations that are still covered under your Two Year Warranty. For these issues, you can submit a Second-Year Form during your second year of possession. Often, problems with your new home do not become apparent until the home has been lived in for awhile, so there might be issues arising during your second year that weren’t noticed during the first year. All problems should be dealt with quickly, before secondary damage can occur.

As soon as two years from the date of possession have passed, your coverage ends for everything except major structural damage. This means that any problems or defects you might not have noticed, you will be forced to live with or rectify out of your own pocket! Remove some of the stress of this crucial period by allowing Cottage Country Home Inspections to do a thorough inspection of your home with you to make sure that all of the issues are included on that very important Second-Year Claim Form.

Seventh Year

The Seven Year Warranty on your new home covers major structural defects. This coverage begins on the date you took possession of the home and ends the day before the seventh anniversary of possession. As the term implies, major structural defects are very serious issues with the structure of your home. These can be dangerous. At the very least, these defects can be extremely costly to fix. Do you know the signs of structural failure? If you are concerned you might be missing a serious issue, we can perform a structural inspection for you.


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